Wild Mountain Spirit

 ⁣Claudia is a transformational coach that brings forth the teachings and the medicine of the Mountain, of nature, with the intention of allowing for deeper spiritual understanding and connection, healing and love. Her work is intuitive, organic and steadily guided by nature.

She’s both soft and strong, and she stands in both her power and her gentleness. I was eager to work on merging these (somewhat) contrasting qualities and weaving them throughout her branding and online presence.

Working on her logo has been a beautiful process of going back to the origins, rediscovering ancestral symbols that have been interwoven throughout pieces of art, objects and paintings since as far back as the neolithic age.

The logo is composed of various elements that have a meaning for Claudia and that she feels deeply connected with, including the original symbol of the tree of life and fundamental feminine symbols, all sewn together with the sun as a central point and carefully enclosed(held) by the compass, a symbol for guidance and one that speaks to a traveler heart’s, such as Claudia’s. The logo is delicate but powerful in its symbolism and meaning. 

IF YOU'RE CRAVING A SPACE THAT IS AN Authentic Translation  OF YOUR Vision  AND Creative Spirit,

If you feel the pull of, and excited anticipation for the idea of creating or re-creating your own corner of the internet; if you want to have fun on the way to where you’re going, in life and business,

I'm here for all of it:

The exploration, the co-creative dance, the laughs, the blooming, and the thriving.