Hi! I'm Ioana. Welcome to my corner of the internet.

Meet Ioana

Ioana is pronounced like "e-wah-nah".  Or "iguana", without the "g." It’s a rather common Romanian name and the equivalent of “Joanne”.

I've always struggled with the prompt: "tell me about yourself". I'm still not sure how to go about answering it whether it's here, within a group of people in a live setting, or in the small Instagram box. In a world where you get to drop past identities and reinvent yourself again and again, where your "doing" doesn't define your "being", where life craves to live through you in a million exciting ways of expression, does it even matter how we reply to that question? 

The Unfolding...

Michael Neill once said, in a talk he was having with Anita Moorjani (if you don’t know her story, I highly recommend reading it), that he likes to think of our egos as seasonings. As in, there’s Michael-flavoured God, there’s Anita-flavoured God, there’s Ioana-flavoured God..

If you put too much of any of the seasonings, it’s going to be a little off. But a little bit will bring something out in this “God soufflé” that isn’t there otherwise. I often think of it as “the cosmic soup”. Where we’re all equally important, needed ingredients. Or a choir that needs each and every one of us to show up and share our voice.

Some things seem to have always been a part of me

An immense love for nature, an eye for beauty and art, a thirst for understanding how things work, and a strong desire to do things my own way. A rather straightforward communication style, a somewhat quirky sense of humor, and elements of rebelliousness, cheekiness, and frivolousness interspersed throughout the whole enchilada.

I’m fascinated by the ongoing exploration of our human potential and excited for everything that’s in store for us, humans, when and if we ever wake up to our true identity. I love the conversation around doing business the heart-centered way (as in, businesses that naturally evolve as extensions of our hearts and creative pull) and it is both an honor and a delight to assist creatives in sharing their hearts online, in ways that are authentic, fun, and beautiful.

Let's Co-Create Beauty


I come from a fairly large family. My great grandmother had
over 90 descendants. I have 24 first cousins.

Jazzy Christmas songs help me focus while working.

I love the plant-based cuisine. Cooking is one of my main love languages.

I’ve been making my own shampoo from plants for the last 7 years or so.

I’m in love with  freediving and even though I’m only a level 1,
I can’t wait to get back in the water and finish my practice.

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