The Limitless Concierge

Elegant. Bold. Simple.
Vivacious. Intuitive.Limitless.

Brand Identity Design
(Wordpress +  ELEMENTOR)

FUN! When I think of Melyssa and our time together, this is the first word that comes to mind.

A wanderer at heart, Melyssa reached out looking for an incredible website and logo for her boutique travel concierge business. With a shared passion for travel, our visions for her new brand and website danced and reveled and became an online presence that is infused with wanderlust, magic and dreams come true.

Melyssa believes there is a story behind everyone’s desire to travel to a certain destination, and she wants to be a co-creative part in making that story come to life. I see her as an adventurous undercover princess. (or something along those lines!)

Working on this project rekindled my own wanderlust and passion for travel, and that keeps happening every time I revisit it.

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" I absolutely loooooove it. You completely captured the essence and vision that has been playing over and over in my imagination!!! Thank you."

"I have been in complete awe and excitement about this beautiful brand you created!"

IF YOU'RE CRAVING A SPACE THAT IS AN Authentic Translation  OF YOUR Vision  AND Creative Spirit,

If you feel the pull of, and excited anticipation for the idea of creating or re-creating your own corner of the internet; if you want to have fun on the way to where you’re going, in life and business,

I'm here for all of it:

The exploration, the co-creative dance, the laughs, the blooming, and the thriving.