Where do I even begin? This powerhouse of a woman showed up in my inbox one day looking for a brand and website developer for her budding business and launch of her first book, and has since been filling my life with bold colors, playful disruption, and Krisellaneous words. This has been the most colorful visual identity and website I’ve ever designed, and it’s NOT going to be easy for any other project to grab this title in the future.

Kristina is not only sweet, adventurous and massively inspiring, (when I showed the website to my friends, they all absolutely adored her and wanted to know ALL the cool words I learned from her), but she’s also an AMAZING client! She said a big YES to the co-creative dance and because of that, the resulting brand and website are as colorful, fun, and creative as her.

Throughout building her brand and website, I got to play with some of the key brand elements: the kaleidoscope and the hummingbird (her spirit animal). To add them to the brand and website, I had to get creative and even learn a couple of new tools. As a result, I created an on-brand hummingbird animation, as well as a collection of kaleidoscope images and videos to use on the website. To see the hummingbird and creative flair in action, get some playful disruption, explore Kristina’s creative offerings, and order her new book, GO visit her online home!

This co-creative dance consisted of: Brand Identity & Showit Website Design
+ Brand Collaterals: Event Posters,  Bookmark & Social Media Graphics Design

"The connection, collaboration, and creative energy that Ioana so generously shared with me was the most delightful dance of digital art creation that I’ve ever experienced. From her laser-sharp insight to her humanistic approach & methods to her warm and open communication, there is no other person I would turn to help me create and convey my unique contributions to this world."

"I am so in love with my new website that was exquisitely designed by Ioana at Golden Glimpses Design Studio!"






Author of The Art of Positive Disruption: A Krizillion Ways to Create a Kaleidoscopic Life



Visit Kristina's Website

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Hi! I'm Ioana,

visual artist, sunshine chaser, and the eyes & heart behind Golden Glimpses Design Studio.

I created this space because I wanted to offer creatives the experience of feeling “seen”, celebrated, understood, and sincerely excited for the way they get to show up and for what they are creating - whether that’s in the online world or in the physical, tangible one.

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