Jaylene is a Registered Kinesiologist, Yoga Teacher, and Certified iRest Teacher. Her passion is sharing body-centered practices to help people feel at ease and grounded in their lives. She is passionate, loving, and inspiring. One of her superpowers is creating a welcoming, safe environment for people to truly land in their bodies and feel. She’s one of those teachers who truly has everyone’s best interest at heart.

When she first reached out, she had a website that just wasn’t working for her. To quote her, it was “ineffective and boring”. She wanted a new brand identity and a new website that were more purposeful and representative of her work. Our shared love for nature infused the project with elements of nature, giving a sense of groundedness to her online presence. Her brand photography (so important!) beautifully complements her website and gives visitors a bit of an insight into who Jaylene is and what she’s all about. To help fulfill all of her business needs, we later added a business card design to the project, as well as a logo for her amazing Yoga School.

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Jaylene! Go check out her offerings and join one of her classes if you’re in Canada!

Jaylene Pfeifer

Brand Identity Design

Curious. Welcoming. Spacious.
Grounded. Seen. Easeful.
Fluid. Playful. Inspired

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