Astara Raven is a magical renaissance human. 
A poet, a writer, a dreamer.

When she first reached out to me, she was looking for “juicy web evolution”. Our co-creative dance began timidly and evolved into a complete rebrand and website redesign, filled with lots of sparkle and soul.

We created places and spaces in the online sphere to support her in sharing more of her light, wisdom, and heart, in an authentic, clear, and fun way. Fabulous business cards and social media graphics later joined the party and became part of the brand experience as a whole.

I’m so grateful our paths crossed and I got to be a part of the rebirth of her brand and online presence. This has definitely been one of my favorite projects so far!

Astara Raven

Brand Identity Design
BRAND ELements

Sophisticated. Passionate. Innovative. Mystical. Romantic. Adventurous.

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social media graphics

"Ioana, thank you for the website and rebranding masterpiece you made for us at Astara Raven and Illuminating Hearts! 

I love the look of our new brand and our gorgeous website. Your professionalism, patient support, and kindness helped me feel seen and heard through the design process, which is reflected in the look and feel. It is as if you gazed directly into my business soul and brought it to life. My business partner and I are both blown away by the website's beauty and easy navigation. The graphics are stunning and the layout is ohhhh so user friendly. It is not easy to take a complex system of innovative soul and sound offerings and make them accessible to our clients, and you pulled it off! Everything feels so right and aligned. And as if that weren’t amazing enough, you then empowered me with incredible resources for ongoing maintenance and upkeep. It’s been an honor and an absolute joy to work with you!"

IF YOU'RE CRAVING A SPACE THAT IS AN Authentic Translation  OF YOUR Vision  AND Creative Spirit,

If you feel the pull of, and excited anticipation for the idea of creating or re-creating your own corner of the internet; if you want to have fun on the way to where you’re going, in life and business,

I'm here for all of it:

The exploration, the co-creative dance, the laughs, the blooming, and the thriving.


Hi! I'm Ioana,

visual artist, sunshine chaser, and the eyes & heart behind Golden Glimpses Design Studio.

I created this space because I wanted to offer creatives the experience of feeling “seen”, celebrated, understood, and sincerely excited for the way they get to show up and for what they are creating - whether that’s in the online world or in the physical, tangible one.

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